My Day in Southlake TX

The owner of Southlake Pest Control Pros visits the town!

I was able to visit Southlake, Texas on vacation over the summer. I was very impressed with their community. They were very hospitable throughout the community. The weather was great and many people were willing to reach out to tourists. I had the opportunity to enjoy good cuisine, great spas, and entertainment on my stay. They were a sophisticated community. However, everyone was friendly in this neighborly city too. You always had a friendly citizen extended their hand to help you get to and from the right places. They also had good food that caused me to gain a few pounds. Their barbecue was absolutely one of a kind. It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas.


There was plenty of recreation throughout the city of Southlake. In fact, their Grapevine Botanical Gardens had many attractions for me to choose from throughout the park. I was able to enjoy many native plants to the Southlake area. I was able to take a few pictures next to their streams and ponds. My friends and I were also able to enjoy the trails. We hiked almost the entire afternoon with breathtaking views of the area. We also relaxed at their sitting area in the park after a long day of excitement. I would recommend the city of Southlake, TX as a vacation spot for anyone.



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